4 steps to becoming more optimistic in life


“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.”

 Marcus Aurelius

I talked about gratitude and how it is related to happiness in one of my earlier posts. Now it is time to take our journey to happiness one step further. Let’s talk about optimism.

You have probably heard of phrase “ look at the glass as half full”, that is exactly what optimism is.

Unfortunately, most of us have trained our brains to look for something negative in every situation. We are always worried that something bad is about to happen. Your child is late and all you can think of is that he or she got into a car accident. Your spouse left for a business trip and has not called you, and all you can think of is that his or her plane has crashed. All these negative thoughts have negative effects on our journey to happiness.

So here are four steps to take in order to increase optimism in our life and retrain our brains to look at the glass as half full:

  1. Look for a positive in every situation. Your boss starts giving you a hard time at workimg_3540, look at it as a positive reinforcement to look for a better position.
  2. Don’t stop pursuing your goals when you see roadblocks. There are roadblocks in pursuing every thing in life, but don’t make them stop you. Roadblocks are there to make us stronger. You didn’t file for divorce after your first fight with your spouse, you talked it over and solved the issue. So why is that, when it gets to the other goals in our life the minute we see the first roadblock, we throw in the towel and give up?
  3. Erase the word “Can’t” from your vocabulary. You can do anything that you set your mind to and you want to achieve. You most likely have to work harder, but you can if you really want to. If you want to have a rocking body, it ain’t going to happen by looking at the models and wishing for it, you have to work hard and push yourself and you will get there.
  4. Start seeing yourself and acting as you are the person, who you want to be. If your goal is to be the best parent in the world, then act like one, look put together, don’t yell at your kids, feed them healthy meals, take care of them, and educate yourself how to be a good parent. You will probably make mistakes, but you can fix them and you will become the best parent.

These steps might seem overly simplified, but believe me, start practicing these and you will be surprised by your transformation.

Increase your optimism in life and happiness will follow.

Stay Happy and Healthy


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